Monday, August 18, 2008

Unit II- Activity

Fill in the blanks. Write the correct answer on the space provided.

1. _____ refers to the material or means that the artist uses to express his emotion or thought.

2. _____ includes drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking.

3. Three –dimensional arts have length, _____, and thickness or depth.

4. _____ is slightly raised like the medals of the coins.

5. Printing is a _____ art.

6. The use of _____ and shapes sends a message of strong motions.

7. The graceful _____ sends a message of strong motions.

8. _____ expresses feelings, moods, and it symbolizes ideas.

9. Artworks with a subject called _____ or _____ arts.

10. Artworks without a subject are called _____ or _____ arts.

11._____ led the Blaue Keiter group.

12. _____ was the immediate father of German Revolution in art.

13. _____ is an important tool to teach Values.

14. Our _____ shapes our lives.

15. _____ gives a warm feeling.

16. _____ in art refers to any object, person, event or scene described in a work of an artist.

17. _____ in art refers to the integration of color, line, and plane into a harmonious or dramatic whole.

18. _____ of Spain founded cubism in 1907.

19. _____ is a painting whose symbolism was meant to shock and save as a warning against terrorism, violence and war.

20. _____ painted “Sunrise in Northport Harbor”.


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