Monday, August 18, 2008

Lesson 2- Elements of Art in Modern Artwork (Line, Shape, Space, Color, Value and Texture)

Artists create artwork about anything they see around or anything they imagine. They use the elements of art to express their ideas, emotions, or messages to the viewers. Look at the work of Joan Miro’. In his painting he seems to show a make-believe land. He used different kinds of lines and shapes in this artwork. The artist used his imagination to create an artwork using strange shapes and different kinds of lines.

This picture illustrates strong motions. The Japanese actor here is portrayed as a fierce warrior. The use of straight lines and shapes ends a message of strong motions. The other picture is the opposite. The graceful curved lines send a message of graceful movements or motions.

Look at the different shapes that you can create out of lines. Straight lines can make shapes with straight edges such as the following:

Curved lines, on the other hand, can make shapes with curved edges. Look at the examples above.

Another important element that artists use is the space. The painting below showed a curved line that seems to dance or twist in space.

Look at this painting of Georges Braque. This painting has many neutral colors like brown, black, gray and white.

Color expresses personal feelings, moods, and it symbolizes ideas. Colors bring out a particular meaning or emotion in an artwork. The artist’s choice of color expresses the beauty of his work and also the feeling the artist has at the moment. Look at how the artists used lines, colors, and shape to express ideas and feelings. He painted a very colorful sunset. How do the lines, colors, and shapes in this painting make you feel?

Another element of art that shows whether a surface appears smooth or rough through the combination of color, tone, and line patterns is the texture. An artist creates textures and patterns from lines. Lines in the picture at the left help us see the texture of a dog’s fur.