Monday, August 18, 2008

Lesson 1- Media and Processes of Art in Two/ Three Dimensions

There are wonderful works of art around. These works of art come in different mediums. Medium refers to the material or means that the artist uses to express his emotion or thought. These medium could be the pigments in painting; the stone, metal, wood, marble, bronze and clay in sculpture; the various building materials in architecture; the sound in music; the words in literature; and the movements in dance.

What is visual or space arts? This kind of art uses medium that can be seen and occupy space. These space or visual arts are either two-dimensional or three-dimensional arts. Two-dimensional arts include drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking. Three-dimensional arts include architecture, landscaping, sculpture, ceramics, furniture-making, weaving, community planning and industrial design. Two-dimensional arts have length and width while three-dimensional arts have length, width, and thickness or depth. In two or three-dimensional arts, an artists chooses a medium that he/ she thinks will best suit his/ her purpose and will bring out the best qualities of the work. Each medium has different qualities and requires different and specific techniques. Bas relief sculptures are slightly raised like the medals and the coins. High relief sculptures are those whose figures are projected to one half of their thickness or more. Printing is a two-dimensional art. It can be done by different ways. Different mediums can be used in printing such as ink, paint, watercolor, tempera, and many more. It is an art expression that requires the artists’ creativity in using different mediums. Artist can use string, sponge, leaves, or shapes formed by a cardboard in printing. Artist can make different attractive designs using different mediums and different techniques.