Monday, August 18, 2008

Lesson 1- Arts and Its Function in life

In the 20th and 21st centuries, practically every industry, business, and school in the world require the skills and imagination of an artist. Artists with their artworks and skills have served mankind for its entire existence. Even during the early civilization, art had served several functions in human life.

Today, if we look around, we will see that art is everywhere. Art is not only to be found in museums and galleries, but on the shelves of stores and on television screens around the world. Art does not only emerge from cloistered painting and sculptures studios, but from manufacturing companies, film studios, industrial complexes, computers, and corporations. Art is not only produced by painters, sculptors, printmakers, but also by talented industrial designers, photographers, fashion experts, color consultants, craftsmen, computer programmers, and others.

Art is part of our daily lives. There is art in the clothes and accessories we use everyday. There is also art in the beautiful creations of God such as mountains, volcanoes, the sound of the waves, swaying leaves, swirling of the wind, and many more. Man-made and man-designed objects that we use every day are all works of art, too.

We find art objects in our home, community, church, in trades, and in industry. These are objects of man’s effort to enhance life and lessen the tediousness of everyday living. These objects also help man to transform the environment into a more interesting and wonderful place to live in.

Art is not confined to art objects around us. The music we hear, the dances we enjoy, the films we watch are also works of art. Art exists in all forms of society and in every generation. Through art, we can express our emotions, experiences, and ideas that are beyond the reach of language. Our lives would be very dull without art. There is art in all aspects of man’s life.

Art and Religion

Art has always been a part of any religious belief. Inside and outside the church there are carvings, mural paintings, stained glass windows telling about stories of Christ and the saints. Music is also used to express devotion. Musicians in modern utilized some religious subjects in composing praise songs. Some musical plays like “Jesus Christ Superstar” are religious in nature. Religious arts strengthen expressed faith or belief.

Art in Government/ Politics

Art is one of the oldest and most important means of expression. In government and politics, art is always a part of people’s expression of contentment, satisfaction, and protest. Look at some editorial and political cartoons in newspapers. What is the purpose of these political cartoonists? They want to express their opinions. In simple graphic terms, the artists are able to present serious and complicated issues.

Government buildings are also used to display the paintings and murals depicting government officials, figures, and events which happened in that place. In the second floor of the Manila City Hall, a mural made by Carlos Francisco depicts events in the history of Manila.

To express ideological or political comment in the government, some artists use paintings, photographs posters, theater plays, or cartoons to put across a message. They encourage and promote social change using their artworks.

Art in Economy Technology

In the fields of industrial design, fashion design, and graphic design, the artists create designs or artworks that communicate with specific audiences/ consumers. These artworks are attractive and functional enough to sell products and make profit.
Modern technologies have helped the artists improve their techniques. Graphic design techniques have improved so much with the development of new media such as acrylic, epoxies, and alkyds. New techniques have been developed also such as airbrush, photography, montage, and dye transfer. New materials that have been discovered and developed helped in the improvement of graphic designs and other artworks such as plastics, acrylic sheets, dry-transfer, lettering, and mylars.

Modern equipment that has been invented make mass-produced goods more attractive.

Some of these modern equipment are the following:

overhead projector
duplicating machine
laser scanners
computer lasers
thermal and electrostatic photocopiers
digital cameras

Technological advances have perfected and speed up the design and production of graphic images. These developments help boost the economic condition of any society.


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